Movie Therapy (R) is a method developed by Alejandro Jiliberto Herrera to facilitate emotional expression, find the knot of patients’ problems and more easily free themselves from their disorders.

The patient is helped by the characters, the plot, the scripts, and the films’ evolution.

The patient does not need special preparation or skills, as he will be guided by the therapist in all phases of therapy.

In 2005, Group Movie  Therapy began to be carried out and the individual, couple and family MovieTherapy has been gradually developed.

How it is

  1. It begins when patients manifest difficulties, anxiety, even psychosomatic discomfort, that is, pain or physiological disorders.
  2. The patient associates a scene from a movie that shows his situation.
  3. The scene constitutes a diagnosis and a proposal for change.
  4. The characters and the situation are the essential elements to understand, explore and solve the situation.
  5. Each person identifies himself with different characters and emotionally relives the situations to heal.
  6. A performance is carried out through dialogues between the characters that have a therapeutic structure.
  7. Patients can observe, touch and resolve their knots, for several days.
Note: no movies are seen or filmed, only scenes from the movies chosen by the patient are represented


  • Facilitates the discovery of problems and their causes.
  • Helps emotional expression.
  • It helps to analyze problems more objectively.
  • Produces rapid changes and calms patients.  
  • Reduces anxiety. 
  • Improve relationships and decision making. 
  • Strengthens self-esteem. 
  • Increase creativity
  • High efficiency and satisfaction

Movie Therapy Modalities

  • Online and Face-to-face
  • Individual therapies
  • Couples therapies
  • Group therapies
  • Family therapy
  • Therapists training


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